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    Welche Ursachen gibt es, wenn ein Webradio einfach keine Hörer bekommt?

    I don’t believe internet radio is dead, or that nobody finds it interesting. The problem is: you need to make interesting radio. That means you need to play music people like and have great presenters (or DJ’s, so you like). If you have bad presenters, nobody wants to listen. If you have a bad...
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    Welche Ursachen gibt es, wenn ein Webradio einfach keine Hörer bekommt?

    So, I’m not German and therefore I will write in English. I am a radio host and music director for 2 web radiostations in foreign countries. One of the stations is pretty successful, after years of building and tweaking. The short answer on why stations don’t have listeners: they all play the...
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    Gemeinsam streamen?

    Hi! You could use Cleanfeed.net to receive his voice. With a mixing console, you can bring in his voice to your broadcast. If you don’t have one, you could use for example Voicemeeter.
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    DAB+: Der zweite Bundesmux

    Hoping for more variety than 10x Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Queen and Roxette every day. That’s what, for some reason, happened with Bauer-stations in Europe with nearly the same format (Radio Norge, MixMegapol, VinylFM, etc).
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    Arabella Kult wird zu Arabella Bayern

    And yet another 80’s, 90’s, 00’s station. I wonder why. Is it the format that brings in the most $$$ in Germany? :).
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    ANTENNE BAYERN - aktuelle Entwicklungen

    Sure, if you want me to speak German like a five years old or full of Google Translate errors ;-). I think both German and English could do. No need to write in Dutch for me :).
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    ANTENNE BAYERN - aktuelle Entwicklungen

    Is it just me or did Antenne Bayern (just not today, because of a special) totally ditch their 80s music? I remember they played some before. Now if all seems 2000+, or at oldest 90s?
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    Popfilter WDR2 / 1LIVE

    Thanks everyone for helping out. My father works at a stainless steel shop, so he took a look at the WDR2-pictures and came up with a ring for me. We attached it to the screw that holds the microphone in place. Now we only need to give it a fancy black color and we’re done. Very cool, right? :)
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    Was ist neu bei Ö3?

    Is it just me or does Ö3 play more classics/oldies these days? At some point in the playlist they played a song from the 80s, a current hit, another hit from the 80s, a current hit again and then some older music again.
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    Popfilter WDR2 / 1LIVE

    Thanks! Very helpful links :). I have asked WDR 2 and they told me they made this construction in house. So I will do the same - make such a construction myself.
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    Popfilter WDR2 / 1LIVE

    Hi all, Does anyone know what popfilter/pop killer is being used at WDR2 and 1LIVE? It seems to have some kind of ring mount, attached under the plug input of the microphone, extending the filter. I tried to look online, but couldn’t find it. I’m asking because I have the same microphone and...
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    Hilfe und Erfahrungen mit dem Neumann BCM 705

    I apologize for writing in English, but anyways: I’ve had a Neumann BCM 705 and experienced the same problem. The microphone simply does not sound clear, but has a ‘muffled’ sound to it. Probably that’s what you meant too. I have tried many things with the mic: other positions, more distance to...
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    Erfahrungen mit Neumann BCM 705?

    Sorry for my reply in English, my German is a bit.. rusty. Haha. I have used this microphone for about a year and tried different settings with the EQ, compression and what not. The sound was 'muffled', no matter what settings I used. If you take a look at this demo video you can hear it...
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    Schlager-Radiosender aus Holland?

    https://piratenzenders.com hat jetzt auch deutsche Streamer, zum Beispiel in Rhauderfehn, Holthusen und Völlenerfehn. Diese Seite bietet sowohl niederländische als auch deutsche Sender.
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    Der Studiobilder-Thread

    First of all: the Neumann BCM 104 actually has a condenser capsule. It's the Neumann with the red ring and red logo. The BCM 705 is the dynamic variant of this microphone and is used way less often. You recognize this microphone by it's green/blue ring and logo. So the microphone you have seen...