Discovering early 1970s German radio show

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Hello. Sorry in advance for writing in English. I found this forum and I thought it could be interesting to check here.
Almost 20 years ago I found a pile of reel to reel tapes, and when I played them I found amazing music collection that recorded from the radio, probably in the early 1970s. Between the songs, there is a radio presenter that speaks German. I discovered a lot of interesting music through these tapes, mainly Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Brass Rock etc.. I started a music blog 6 years ago which I use for posting mixtapes I'm creating from time to time. One of these mixtapes was dedicated to these reel tapes. I'll attach here a link to this mixtape and I would like to ask if some of you have the curiosity and time to listen to it and try to discover who is the radio presenter and from which radio station broadcast these shows. I added the presenter voice between some of the songs (even though I don't speak German) to maintain the original vibe of the radio show. I'd like to know if I could get some more links for such radio shows from the 1970s - I'm planning to create new mixtape with the same spirit :)
Thank you very much in advance.
This is the mixtape:


Hello again :)
I uploaded here a short mp3 file with the fragments of the announcer. It would be wonderful if one of you could find and tell who is this presenter, what radio station this radio show broadcasted from and when.
I almost sure he mentions there something about one of their other presenters or staff colleagues (Thomas Schultz?) and probably the name of the station.
If there are more websites/ forums I could share this inquiry - I'd like to know :)


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The long version of your tape seems to be a real "mixtape" and it seem to contain excerpts from several different shows. There are several DJs to be heard on this. In the first break Frank Laufenberg is speaking. I don't recognize the voices of the other DJs. At around 50:00 the name of (that) show is mentioned "Pop nach Wunsch" (Pop on request) and the station name SWF3 for which Frank used to work in the 70's and 80's. SWF3 was a station from the southwestern part of Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate and southern part of Baden-Wuerttemberg).
At one point a message from a listener from North Rhine-Westphalia is read out and in another break (28:00) Christmas greetings are mentioned. This should make it possible to locate this tape much better to a point in time as I suspect that some of the tracks were quite current when they were broadcast although it is mentioned that "it was quite good to hear that track again".

Too bad that no other user of this board has replied yet. Usually they are quite keen here to have the oportunity to listen to some very old shows.


That's correct, the host is named Frank Laufenberg and second host might be Walter Fuchs or Gerhard Irmler. The radio station was closed back in 1998. The hosts of the program are currently working at this place - except Elke Heidenreich, unfortunately. Hope this helps.


Yes number 1 Host is Frank Laufenberg, the others I can not say. SWF 3 started January 1, 1975, and since I was listening to this station, maybe from 1978, they had these programs:

at noon: Extra drei (news with background informations)
1 pm - 2 pm: Musicbox
2 pm - 4 Radio Kiosk

on the tape they talk about "Pop Shop" with "Pop nach Wunsch" on every monday from 2.30 - 4 pm. So this must be part of the very first days of SWF3.

Greetings kordek
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