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DX radio from Germany in Poland

Dieses Thema im Forum "Radioszene Weltweit" wurde erstellt von DleV, 02. März 2005.

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  1. DleV

    DleV Benutzer

    Hello!! Im live in Słupsk in Poland. When tropo-propagation, i have this radiostations from Germany:

    90,5 - NDR1 / Helpterberg power=100 distance=325
    99,1 - NDR2 / Helpterberg, power=100 distance=325;
    100,8 - Ant. Mackl.-Vorp. / Marlow power=100 distance=325;
    101 - Radio Brocken-Altmark / Dequede power=60 distance=430;
    101,3 - Ant. Mackl.-Vorp. / Zippendorf power=100 distance=415;
    105,8 - Ostseewelle / Helpterberg power=100 distance=325;

    This no many station, but very good is on Summer, no in Winter...
    My site: www.mos.prv.pl <== ETER IN SLUPSK ! :)
  2. AW: DX radio from Germany in Poland

    Witam i fajnie, ze sie pojawiles!

    I'll stick to English, there are other folks around and it is rather unlikely that they understand Polish. I live in Mazuria myself since about 3 years and I have not been able to pick up any German FM radio over here, yet. For instance why should I, as long as there is Astra.
    But maybe you can help me sort out something: I live about 30 km away from the Russian border and even when driving really close to it, not a single Russian FM station can be picked up. Is the whole Kaliningrad area still on OIRT?
  3. andimik

    andimik Benutzer

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