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Want to put a live chat room on radio site, any ideas how to do this?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Internetradio- und Heimstudio-Software" wurde erstellt von Iggybrown, 01. Oktober 2014.

  1. Iggybrown

    Iggybrown Benutzer

    Hi, I have a website and quite a few members have suggested that adding a chat room would be a great idea.

    I'm searching for something I might be able to integrate well into my site.

    Has anyone tried RumbleTalk or C-box?
  2. chapri

    chapri Benutzer

    Both don't offer detail imprint-info on their websites - so: hands off!
  3. iro

    iro Benutzer

  4. Iggybrown

    Iggybrown Benutzer

    Hi there guys. It has been a while since I was here for the last time. Well as I spent a lot of time researching and looking for an application like this, it is worth letting people know as I might saved some work to someone. It is worth doing that I think. =)

    Well just for the record Rumbletalk html chat room is still active on our page. We and our visitors like it very much!
    Worth trying :)
  5. Iggybrown

    Iggybrown Benutzer

    Iro are you still using it? Anyone else started using Rumbletalk? Would love to hear some oppinions on it. What do you think? How it goes? I wanted to show you a demo chat so you can all see how it looks like.
  6. iro

    iro Benutzer

    No, not any more. We had to pay for it.
    We now use the Chat provided by our videostreamer "bambuser". This one it not as good as rumbletalk and it can only be used while streaming. But they don't take money for it... ;)

    I still miss the rumbletalk...
  7. Gustavo Woltmann

    Gustavo Woltmann Benutzer

    Hi Iggy!
    I have been using Rumbletalk myself. I need to agree with you, that is an amazing application. I usually use it on my webpage, blog and facebook page at the same time, it is synchronizing really well.

    Thanks for this great review,

  8. Iggybrown

    Iggybrown Benutzer

    Nice for so many replies, Iro, yes that deppends on your budget of course. For me and many people I know using Rumbletalk pays off a big time. People love it, spend more time on your page, better seo, more sales, etc, etc.. :) It all

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